The Torke Coffee Roasting Company has been giving back to the coffee industry and the community since our inception. We strongly support education enhancement, youth programs, environmental protection and restoration, health care, the cultural arts and science institutions. In addition, we support many local, state and national charities. The newest project at the Torke Coffee Roasting Company is helping with rehabilitation for inmates at the local detention center by offering them job opportunities.

Over the years Torke Coffee has developed a reputation as one of the most philanthropic corporations in the area and one of the most caring in the local market - a reputation for which we are very proud.

In addition, the Torke Coffee Roasting Company strives to balance our ecological impact. Whether it’s our sky lighting in our warehouses, fuel efficient delivery vehicles or our burlap bag reusing program, we are always looking for ways to reduce our mark in the environment.

For donation inquiries please contact our corporate office at (800) 242-7671 or click HERE for an information request form.