Quality Assurance

Selecting Beans

A great cup of coffee starts with great beans.

We continually search the world over in efforts to discover the greatest coffees available. In addition, we are always looking to strengthen our relationships with our current and potential coffee producers. We sample roast all possible coffee selections to distinguish complexity, aroma and flavor. Only the coffees that posses the highest level of these characteristics are given the right to be roasted and branded under our labels.

Roasting to Perfection

Roasting coffee is part art, and part science. We are meticulous about matching roast temperature and time with a specific bean to maximize its potential. We start with coffees of great character and roast them accordingly, so as not to taint the coffee's origin specific flavors and aromas.

All of our experienced and skilled roast masters take care to consistently respect the integrity of the coffee during roasting. They employ real-time temperature charts, Historical data, sight and smell to determine when the desired roast has been achieved. As the beans reach optimum color, they are released into a large Cooler. Revolving augers are engaged and giant fans introduce cool air and bring the fresh roasted coffee to room temperature.

Blending and Cupping Team

The age-old tradition of cupping has stood its ground as the most effective means of determining a coffee's quality and is now being enjoyed by the fourth generation of principle cuppers. Just a handful of individuals in world can taste and distinguish quality coffee. Our green coffee buyer himself has over 40 years of experience. If you are looking for a specific blend or variation our cupping team and Roastmaster are SCAA certified and we know the varieties. While cupping coffee isn’t the entire answer to the question of “what makes a great cup of coffee?” Our team also has real world experience because day-to-day we are in the kitchen with some of the finest chefs around with a passion for a great cup. Many variables enter to the quality of the coffee, including the brewing temperature, volume, weight of the ground coffee, time of extraction and cleanliness. Additionally, we work with several local colleges to finesse and inform the culinary program about coffee, even how to select a coffee for your local restaurant. Our cupping team works with customers with meticulous needs and the finest palates, call on Torke as the experts in the industry.

cGMP Certification

Torke Coffee facilities are Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) certified — an industry achievement that shows how passionate we are about supplying you with quality coffee.