Single Serve Options

There are a variety of ways to brew your perfect cup of coffee. Single cup seems to be the latest trend. Consider using a Chemex or our single cup option such as Flavia.  Additionally you many prefer a French Press or tea infuser.

French Press, our favorite method. 

Warm your French press with hot water for two minutes, discard water.  Pour one heaping tablespoon of coarsely ground coffee per 4 ounces of water, into the bottom of the press.  Add hot water, stir one time, gently.  Plunge the press, swirl and serve. Smile.

Click HERE to download a French Press Brew Guide




Single Cup Manual Brew, slow, artistic and a great conversation maker. 

Using a coffee filter with a bit of hot water, let stand 10 seconds.  Add fine to medium ground coffee and immediately pour hot water in a circular fashion working your way toward the center of the filter funnel.  Pour slowly enough the coffee never get totally submersed in the water.  Allow to drip, and serve!

Click HERE to download a Manual Brew Guide 


We have available a full line of not only espresso equipment to outfit your cafe or restaurant, but also grinders, brewers, and hot water machines. In like manner, Torke coffee also offers a wide array of supplies to compliment your beverage program including: Airpots, thermal carafes, filters, frothing pitchers, knock boxes, tampers, and even Toddy iced coffee brewers.

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