The coffee's on time, accurate, and personally delivered

Typically we have weekly trucks throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois as well as other select locations in the Midwest. Our national distribution can be accessed through select broadline distributors as well as our affiliate Royal Cup Coffee. For customers outside our local delivery region, we can also ship direct via UPS. 

Our customers are divided into territories based on geography. Torke has a territory manager assigned to each location who is responsible for all of the customers located on that route. The Territory Manager has a tall order, because they work on sales in their region, deliver the coffee, setup and manage par levels for the customer, and they’re the first line of response for repair or service if your beverage equipment needs attention. The Territory Manager is the key position at Torke Coffee by working and maintaining our valuable relationships with our customers. Direct Route Delivery is what sets us apart from the others with greater attention to detail, fewer ordering mistakes, and seamless inventory management.