Company History

In 1941 our origins started in downtown Sheboygan where founder Elwood Torke and his father Adolf Torke delivered hand roasted coffees with a single horse and buggy. Throughout the years, family members continued to craft high quality coffees for local establishments. Son of Elwood, Ward Torke, saw the growth potential in the coffee wholesale market. Ward developed relationships with local restaurateurs and pioneered one of the industry’s first complete coffee solutions. These solutions included high quality coffee, unprecedented levels of customer service and individualized route delivery. After outgrowing several roasting facilities, we settled in our current location at 3455 Paine Ave, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

In the late 1990’s, Jay Torke, son of Ward, joined the company representing the fourth generation. During the early part of the new millennium, the company experienced incredible growth and recognized the need to expand, nearly doubling the size of the current roasting facility. Lynda Torke, granddaughter of Elwood and daughter of Ward, is also continuing the family passion to bringing you the highest quality coffee. Uniting with her brother, Lynda carries on the values and traditions for our love of coffee.

Presently, we occupy a vastly expanded roasting and packaging facility. In addition, we have become one of the industry’s premier coffee roasters. We have come a long way from a single horse and buggy in the early 1940s to a modern fleet of delivery and service vehicles today. However, one thing remains unchanged; you can always depend on fresh roasted coffee and prompt service. Our goal is to continue this tradition for generations to come.