10 Tips for a Better Brew

If you’re looking to upgrade your at-home coffee, look no further. Our President, Jay Torke, compiled his top ten tips for making better brews at home! Plus, we’ve added a bonus tip for adventure seekers who enjoy their morning cup in the great outdoors.

  1. Use filtered water.
    Coffee, as a brewed beverage, is approximately 98% water; therefore, water is critical. Also, avoid using soft water, which tends to leave a salty aftertaste.
  1. Use a quality coffee brewer.
    Many of the brick-and-mortar home-model coffee brewers over-extract the coffee since they heat the water while brewing. We highly recommend the Bunn Speed Brew Family, which has a hot water tank and brews a pot in 4 minutes. If you want the Ferrari of coffee brewers, try the Swiss-made Jura machines.
  2. Use the correct grounds to water ratio.
    Too much ground coffee yields over-extraction, and too little produces weak coffee lacking body. One ounce of coffee for twenty fluid ounces of water is a great starting point which then should be adjusted to your individual taste preferences. Tip: Use a scale and weigh the coffee as opposed to counting scoops which is inconsistent.
  3. The correct grind is extremely important.
    Everybody believes that grinding coffee at home is the best for freshness. While partially true, most home grinders cannot produce the correct grind for drip brewing. We recommend leaving the grinding to the experts and buying pre-ground coffee. If you insist on grinding at home, use the Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill. Although a hand-turn grinder, the Hario has ceramic burs which do better than most others to achieve the correct grind. Tip: Buy a package of pre-ground coffee and use it as a benchmark for at-home grinding.
  4. Clean your equipment regularly.
    The best coffee in the world will not taste good if you are using dirty coffee brewing gear. We recommend cleaning and rinsing not only the brewer but all the associated components daily. Also, use a cleaning agent designated for coffee as regular dish soap can leave unwanted flavor.
  5. Use a thermal carafe.
    Coffee sitting on a hot plate for too long will make the coffee taste burnt and bitter. A thermal carafe will keep the coffee warm without distorting its flavor.
  6. Use the correct paper filter.
    If you are brewing coffee through a paper filter, ensure it is the correct size according to the manufacturer of the brewer. The wrong size filter creates numerous issues, like grounds in the brew and under-extraction.
  7. Store your coffee properly.
    We recommend a cool, dry location to store coffee. For optimal freshness, only buy enough for a week or two of consumption.
  8. For hot coffee, preheat your cup, thermos, or mug.
    It goes without saying, but hot coffee is good coffee.
  1. Use paper cups.
    If you are on the go and like single-use cups, paper is the way to go. Other materials can introduce unwanted flavor to your brew.  


  1. Skip the instant coffee when camping.
    A stove or a campfire is best when making coffee during a camping trip. Bring along your percolator, pour-over, Chemex, or French press. Our canned Classic Ground is sturdy enough for traveling and can be up-cycled for other uses, like storing your matches or kindling.

The perfect cup of coffee takes a little work to perfect, but it is the best way to start your day off right. Use these tips at home or on the go, and don’t forget to pick up your favorite Torke Coffee or Weeden Creek roasts!  

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