5 Unique Ways to Sip Tundra Cold Brew This Summer

5 Unique Ways to Sip Tundra Cold Brew This Summer

Summer is coming, so the cold brew cravings will be off the charts! Once the weather hits a certain point, there’s nothing better than a refreshing and delicious cold brew from Torke Family Coffee Roasters to satisfy your thirst while giving you a much-needed boost of energy. 

Are you looking to enjoy your cold brew in a new and unique way this summer? While cold brew over ice is a classic treat, our experienced team at Torke Coffee has concocted a few new ways to incorporate cold brew into your day. One of these might even become your new favorite way to enjoy this delicious summer beverage!

  1. Blend a Refreshing Coffee Shake

Blended drinks are all the rage during the summer months. Adding cold brew to your post-workout protein shake or post-dinner frozen treat is the perfect way to elevate your beverage. This could include protein shakes, milkshakes, slushies, or any personalized combination. 

  1. Add It to Your Morning Smoothie

Are you making a nutritious smoothie during your morning routine? Blend the Tundra Cold Brew into your breakfast smoothie for a refreshing kickstart to your day.

  1. Create Homemade Coffee Ice Cream

Did you know homemade ice cream is easy to make with just a few ingredients? Coffee ice cream lovers should try a homemade ice cream recipe using the Tundra Cold Brew as the base for a rich and delicious treat.

  1. Freeze It into Ice Cubes

Do you love cold brew but hate the watered-down taste after the ice cubes melt? Fill an ice tray with the Tundra Cold Brew, freeze for several hours, and voila! It’s a win-win! Your coffee ice cubes will keep your drink cold and melt into more coffee over time.

  1. Put a New Spin on the Classic Espresso Martini

If you’re feeling boozy, there are many ways to cocktail-ify your cold brew. One easy way is to find a simple espresso martini recipe, substitute the espresso for cold brew, and enjoy!

With Quality Products, the Possibilities Are Endless

When you start with trusted products from a reputable brand like Torke Coffee, there’s no limit to the number of delicious blends you can create this summer. Additionally, when you enjoy Torke Coffee, you can feel great knowing that with every cup, you’re supporting our community and giving back.

Every Cup Gives

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