A Torke Expert’s Guide to The Art Of Cupping For Beginners

If you enjoy coffee and have spent any amount of time around fellow coffee lovers, you may have heard of the finer-things-club of coffee cupping. Maybe you are saying to yourself, what is cupping? And how will it enhance my coffee experience? Not to worry, our coffee experts are here to give you the basics!

Coffee cupping is all about tasting coffee with the intent of identifying four primary components of it; body, acidity, flavor, and finish.


Body refers to the mouthfeel. What is the texture on your palate? Does it feel light or heavy? Factors that affect the body of coffee are the region in which the coffee cherry is grown, and the roast of the coffee.

A “full-bodied” coffee refers to a coffee with a heavy, complex, and rich taste.


Acidity refers to the organic fruity acids found in coffee. Factors that affect the acidity of coffee are the washing process and the roast. Coffee that is wet-processed – when the bean is removed from the fruit prior to washing - and light roasts typically have higher acidity.


Flavor refers to the taste and aromatic compounds found in coffee often found after experiencing the body and acidity. Flavors can range from chocolate to citrus, from nutty to fruity, and many in-between. Factors that affect flavor can be anything from the elevation to the soil in which was grown. Many coffee masters can identify the region the coffee is from based on flavor alone as each coffee-growing region tends towards a certain flavor profile. Central America is known for it’s nutty and chocolatey notes, Africa for its flora and citrus, and the Pacific regions are known for the herbal and earthy flavors.


Finish refers to the taste left after swallowing or the “aftertaste” of the coffee. The finish often coincides with the coffee’s flavor but can also be surprising and reveal more subtle flavors in the coffee.

Congratulations, you are now on your way to becoming a coffee connoisseur! Now that you know all the basics of coffee cupping, get tasting, and impress all of your coffee-loving friends with your new coffee knowledge! Are you looking for the perfect blend to start your coffee cupping experience? Check out our organic, fair trade, Weeden Creek line here.

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