Celebrating Our Resilience with a New Brew: The Resilient Roast

As hard as last year was, there was also some good to be seen. We all did what we could to get by, and that meant leaning on each other’s help more than ever. At Torke Coffee, we knew how important it was to support the communities that have always supported us, and from that came the Stay Home Roast.

At the start of the pandemic, we were left with two thousand pounds of coffee from a canceled order. Instead of letting it go to waste, our family elected to package and repurpose the coffee to donate to customers in need, like healthcare workers and hospitality staff. The blend was fittingly named the Stay Home Roast.

Heather Torke volunteering at the Sheboygan County Food BankThrough volunteering our time at local food banks, we learned that many food banks have to purchase most of their salable goods, so we took quick action to help. We shifted the Stay Home Roast to be a limited-time coffee available for our customers to purchase. With this new blend, we dedicated $1/unit (12 oz.) or $6/unit (5 lb.) to a local food pantry, including the Sheboygan County Food Bank.

Our customers took to the new roast, like Dan with Home Seekers Realty Group, who ordered 100 bags to give to clients and support the Every Cup Gives initiative. The Stay Home Roast was such a hit, we wanted to keep the conversation going into 2021.

As a homage to every single person who battled through 2020, we wanted to introduce a roast that inspires and celebrates our customers. When we thought long and hard about what to name the new blend, it was our customers’ resilience over the past year that stood out the most. Thus, we launched our new Resilient Roast, the perfect cup to pick you up and keep you going through 2021!

After the launch, we were proud to see the impact the Resilient Roast had on our customers, like Cathy R. of Elm Grove, WI. “Although I am stocked up on coffee, I had to let you know that I LOVE the name ‘Resilience’ for this coffee. It seems to be a trait lacking in many, and it’s one that I think of when I think of Americans,” Cathy said.

The Resilient Roast, made with beans sourced from Popayan, Cauca, and Colombia, has a harmonious profile with notes of berry and orange peel, followed by a lingering sweet finish.

Outside of providing a coffee that tastes good, we want people to feel good! Just as we did with the Stay Home Roast, we are dedicating $1/unit (12 oz.) or $6/unit (5 lb.) of the Resilient Roast to a local food pantry.

We are proud to have the ability to continue supporting those in need. According to our President, Jay Torke, “Although giving a one-time donation to support organizations in the community is meaningful, having a direct correlation to a product ultimately connects a larger sum of individuals. In other words, the product being manufactured, handled, distributed, and sold offers all stakeholders in that entire process a deeper connection to giving.”

Each cup of the Resilient Roast picks you up and keeps you going in more ways than one, making it the perfect gift to brighten someone’s day. Each cup provides the perfect amount of comfort and optimism. We recommend pairing the Resilient Roast with a Klean Kanteen Tumbler – that way, when the world opens up again, Torke Coffee can easily be taken on the go.

A bag of the Resilient RoastGrab a bag of the Resilient Roast for yourself, your family, your clients, or anyone whose resilience you want to celebrate!

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