Coffee-Infused Cocktails for Your Christmas Party

It's no secret that the food is one of the top reasons people look forward to the holiday season, but what about the drinks? If you've been looking to try out a new cocktail recipe this holiday, we've got you covered with some tasty, unique concoctions inspired by coffee blends from Torke Family Coffee Roasters. 

Our reliable, hard-working team at Torke Coffee prepares yearly to deliver the best possible holiday blends. Though we're known for quality products every season, we're also a trusted name for special, limited-time holiday blends. 

Try These 5 Coffee-Centered Cocktails This Holiday Season

Torke Coffee is proud to bring back our holiday-inspired blends this season: Holiday Java and Holiday Hearth. Holiday Java is a medium roast with notes of cinnamon and hazelnut, while Holiday Hearth is a dark roast that evokes flavors of cherry, chocolate, and walnut. 

Both of these blends are perfect for use in a holiday-inspired coffee cocktail. It all depends on your taste preferences. Try both in your favorite cocktail recipe to see which flavor you prefer!

  1. Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee is a classic that's been around for generations, and it's one of the simplest coffee cocktails out there. All you have to do is mix one part hot, freshly brewed coffee with one part Irish whiskey. Add roughly one teaspoon of sugar and two tablespoons of heavy cream to add a rich sweetness. 

  1. Espresso Martini

Coffee and vodka may seem odd, but they come together beautifully in the Espresso Martini, a unique spin on the well-known Italian cocktail. This drink is typically made with espresso, but it tastes great with any chilled Torke Coffee holiday blend.

Combine one part espresso with two parts vodka in a martini glass. Leave room for a splash of coffee liqueur, and garnish your drink with a few whole coffee beans to finish. The coffee liqueur will give the concoction a bit of sweetness to complement the bitterness and complexity of the coffee and vodka. 

  1. Black Russian

You may have heard of the White Russian, a tasty dessert cocktail of vodka, Kahlúa, and heavy cream. The drink's dark counterpart, the Black Russian, omits the heavy cream for a bolder beverage.

Typically, the Black Russian gets its coffee from the Kahlúa. However, add an ounce of chilled Torke Coffee to your drink to make your holiday cocktail even more caffeinated. Coffee lovers will enjoy the rich coffee flavor with the liqueur's sweetness. 

  1. Revolver 

The Revolver is the perfect holiday coffee cocktail for those who love whiskey and coffee equally. With a combination of bourbon, coffee liqueur, orange bitters, and a dash of freshly brewed coffee, this cocktail features a robust and striking flavor that will be complemented well by Torke Coffee.

  1. Peppermint Espresso Martini

If the regular espresso martini wasn't festive enough (or if you need another flavor to take the edge off the vodka), consider this peppermint-infused, delicious yet classy option.

The secret to this tasty drink is first to steep a cup and a half of vodka with three crushed candy canes for 24 hours — or until the candy canes have dissolved. Then, it's as simple as combining one ounce of espresso, half an ounce each of simple syrup and coffee liqueur, and two ounces of your homemade peppermint vodka. Remember to shake and not stir, Mr. Bond! Finally, garnish with a candy cane and serve in style.

While you can use one of our holiday blends for this recipe, we prefer our '41 Espresso Roast.

Savor the Season With Torke Coffee Holiday Blends

Whip up any of these coffee cocktails, and your holiday party is sure to be a hit. Shop our holiday blends at Torke Coffee to get started. 



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