Customer Feature: Nova Restaurant Group

Nova Restaurant Group Partners Scott Foster and Pat Woodring

Pictured L-R: Nova Resaurant Group partners Scott Foster and Pat Woodring.

With six, soon to be seven, high-end dining locations spanning across Minnesota, The Nova Restaurant Group needed high-quality coffee and reliable service, so Torke Coffee was a perfect fit.


Nova Restaurant Group partners, Pat Woodring and Scott Foster, first heard about Torke Coffee through other businesses that used Torke. After conducting a coffee tasting, it became easy to choose Torke Coffee for their restaurants.


“We had a series of coffee tastings, and Torke ranked the best,” said Woodring. “Their coffee is excellent and consistently on track. Their pricing was also competitive with other top brands.”


Caring for each individual and serving approachable food is the cornerstone of Nova Restaurant Group. Led by the mantra “one guest, one table, one plate,” Nova Restaurant Group recognizes excellent service when they encounter it.


Woodring said working with Torke began with the coffee, but the service they received was also a significant factor in choosing Torke.


“A very accommodating company with strong dialogue and communication. Torke employees and representatives have an excellent culture, from their sales and service team to their top-level executives,” said Woodring.


Woodring said he not only would highly recommend Torke Coffee for their product and company but would stake his reputation as an industry expert on it.


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