Torke Employee Favorite Flavors

Among the many blends of coffee we offer, our team members are bound to bias a few personally. We've reached out to some of our employees to determine their all-time favorite Torke Coffee flavors and get inside details on the best brewing methods to make the perfect mug of coffee.

Highlander Grogg

Highlander Grogg Coffee

Illina Wartke, Accounting Clerk

Favorite flavor: Highlander Grogg - "I like the combination of the caramel and butterscotch flavors."

Brewing method: "I use a special K-Cup grinder that fills my reusable K-Cup. I love having fresh ground coffee every time."

Timothy Martin, Territory Manager

Favorite flavor: Highlander Grogg - "This flavor fills the room with a unique sweet aroma."

Brewing method: "Highlander Grogg turns out perfectly with a standard drip-brew. This flavor stands on its own."

Torke employees aren't the only coffee drinkers who love this brew! Highlander Grogg is one of our most popular flavored coffees, composed of delicious flavor bursts of blended caramel, butterscotch, and vanilla whiskey. Learn more about this brew here.


Village Roast

 Village Roast Coffee

Craig Nelson, Sales

Favorite flavor: Weeden Creek Village Roast - "I typically prefer medium roast coffee, and this is one of my favorites. I like the complex components in this blend."

Brewing method: “I grind it fresh and use the drip brewing method.” 

Mary Perzewski, Executive Administrative Assistant

Favorite flavor: Weeden Creek Village Roast – "I like this roast for the smooth, fullness of flavor."

Brewing method: “The Village Roast is great with cinnamon and vanilla almond milk!”

Our Village Roast is medium-bodied and medium-flavored with wonderfully complex taste profiles, giving pleasant notes of berry, cinnamon, and honey with minor hints of smoke on the finish. Learn more about this brew here.


Classic Italian

Classic Italian Coffee

Randy Darling, Sales

Favorite flavor: Classic Italian - "Classic Italian is my favorite coffee and is always a winner at cuppings."

Brewing method: "Regardless of the method, I prefer to make it strong."

'Classic Italian' got its name because of its deliciously classic flavor. This coffee is dark roasted with a zippy rich taste and a sweet finish. Learn more about this brew here.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica Coffee

Aaron Guenther, Vice President of Sales

Favorite flavor: Weeden Creek Costa Rica – "The bright acidity of this high-quality light roast is balanced and satisfying."

Brewing method: "I like to try an AeroPress. It's a cross between a drip brew and espresso. It takes a little time, but it's always worth it." 

This blend skews to the sweet side yet is very well balanced with hints of brown sugar and dried fruit. Its mixture of acidity and slight tanginess makes this blend an easy-drinking fix. Learn more about this brew here.



Nicaragua Coffee

Greg Grenier, Territory Manager

Favorite flavor: Weeden Creek Nicaragua - "The Nicaragua blend is an excellent dark roast."

Brewing method: "There is nothing better than freshly brewing this coffee with a classic French Press."

Our Nicaragua blend is a full-bodied and full-flavored dark roast featuring flavors of chocolate and almond with a faint smokey finish. Learn more about this brew here.


Now that you’ve heard from our team, explore our collection of brews and find your new go-to roast today!

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