Fact or Myth? Busting Preconceived Notions About Coffee

For generations, coffee has given people of all ages and lifestyles a much-needed pick-me-up when they need one. Additionally, the smooth, rich taste of a well-brewed cup of coffee is one of life’s best simple pleasures. However, rumors are swirling about coffee and how it can affect those that drink it. At Torke Family Coffee Roasters, we’re dedicated to providing reliable information about what you’re consuming, quality products, and next-level service. With that in mind, let’s look at a few of the most common misconceptions about coffee and whether they’re myths or facts.

Coffee Makes You Dehydrated 

Many people believe that drinking coffee can leave you dehydrated. This myth gets busted quickly once you realize that coffee is made up of 98% water! Coffee is a natural diuretic, so you may notice more frequent bathroom visits after your morning cup. However, your body absorbs all the water it needs before removing any extra fluids. That means your coffee is playing an essential role in your hydration!

You Can Get Addicted to Coffee

Many coffee lovers would describe themselves as addicts, but the addictive properties of caffeine are minimal. If you drink coffee daily, you may experience mild symptoms such as headaches or lightheadedness if you skip a day. While these symptoms may not be pleasant, they’re usually minor and should fade away within a few hours. While your system can get relatively dependent on caffeine, calling it an addiction is probably too extreme.

Dark Roast Coffee Is More Caffeinated

All coffee roasts have caffeine, but dark roast has the least amount compared to medium and light roasts. Darker coffee beans have been roasted longer, leading to less available caffeine. 

If a caffeine buzz is what you’re looking for, a light roast might be the way to go. However, each roast type has a distinct flavor profile to explore if you’re looking to sip and savor. 

Enjoy Your Favorite Coffee, Just the Way You Like It

Here’s the bottom line — when it comes to coffee myths, the best rule of thumb is to do what feels best to you. Enjoy your coffee in moderation, and when you buy your next bag of coffee beans, make sure they’re Torke Coffee

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