Hearts & Beans: Coffee-Chocolate Delights

Many coffee lovers enjoy their cup of joe on its own as a beloved morning ritual or an afternoon pick-me-up. However, like a fine wine, great coffee can be paired with other things to be even more delicious and satisfying.  

One great pairing for coffee is chocolate, especially since many coffee blends have notes of chocolate and nuttiness within their flavor and aroma. At Torke Family Coffee Roasters, our trusted, quality products feature various flavor profiles so you can brew the perfect cup every time.  

If you’re a connoisseur of great coffee and chocolate, you’re not alone — what’s not to love? When you combine these two tasty treats, remember these helpful tips to maximize your pairing experience. 

Pair Similar With Similar

Just like coffee, different types of chocolate have various levels of intensity. When you pair like flavors, they are more likely to complement each other rather than clash. 

Coffees with hints of nuttiness and cocoa like our Southern Pecan or our Ethiopia | Weeden Creek blends, will usually pair best with dark chocolate with a sharpness. Spiced coffee blends also work well with darker chocolate. Conversely, lighter dark chocolate or milk chocolate will complement more fruity sweeter coffee blends such as our Colombia Supremo or our Crafty Caramel Kiss blends. 

Let Specialty Coffee Be the Star

When you shop with Torke Coffee, you’re looking for a reliable taste created by a dedicated team of coffee connoisseurs. This is why pairing chocolate with your Torke Coffee should put your cup of joe at the forefront. 

Instead of choosing a coffee blend or roast based on the chocolate you have, let the specific flavor notes of your favorite Torke Coffee product guide your chocolate selection. This way, you’re much more likely to find a pairing you want to enjoy repeatedly with your daily coffee fix.

Be Creative and Adventurous 

The best coffee and chocolate pairing is the one that you love the most. 

For example, even though pairing similar notes is an excellent way to create complementary flavors, you might enjoy the nuttiness or spiciness of a specific dark blend with the sweetness and simplicity of milk chocolate. Try out lots of combinations to find what appeals to you!

Find Your Perfect Pairing With Torke Coffee

The team at Torke Coffee is dedicated to superior service, which means ensuring you enjoy your coffee no matter what you pair it with. Shop our selection today to find your next favorite roast. 


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