Holiday Gift Boxes for Coffee Lovers

The season of giving is almost upon us, and each year we rack our brains for the perfect token of gratitude to give the special people in our lives. This year, treat your coffee-loving friend or family member with a gift that keeps giving: a personalized coffee-themed holiday box. That’s right, specially crafted by you, for them to enjoy each morning throughout the holiday season and beyond. Be sure to include the following items once you begin creating your own.


Torke Coffee, specifically. And perhaps more than one package if you’d like to give your loved one a sampling of seasonal coffees or new flavors. Each morning as they brew their fresh pot, they will be reminded of your generous and thoughtful present.

Coffee Accessory

This can be as simple as a festive mug or travel mug for a casual coffee drinker–useful whether they are drinking coffee, cocoa, or tea. Or, for the true coffee lovers of your life, splurge on useful brewing accessories such as a handheld grinder or a new brewer. If your loved one uses a drip coffee maker each morning, consider gifting them a percolator or French press so they can experiment with a different method. Learn more about each unique brewing method here.

Tasty Pastry

Arguably one of the most delicious parts of the holiday season is fresh, homemade bakery. Treats will always find their way into our holiday baskets. However, if baking is not your forte, packaging pre-made cookies or biscotti with a festive bow will do the trick.

Seasonal Gift

Coffee gift baskets can be a thoughtful gift for a variety of occasions. Ensure that this one is extra festive by adding a seasonal touch. Consider including a few hand-picked ornaments, miniature faux trees to decorate their mantel, or a bit of holly or mistletoe.

Handwritten Card

A crucial aspect of your holiday gift box is a card reminding your loved one of your appreciation and gratitude in a few heartfelt words. This is both a thoughtful detail and is the finishing touch that brings this unique present full circle.

Bring on the tinsel, wrapping paper, and bows–this year, holiday gifting will be a breeze. The best part? Torke Coffee is made and shipped out of our local distribution center in Sheboygan, WI. So, the essential part of your gift basket – the coffee, of course – is just days away from being delivered to your front porch. Happy holidays from all of us at Torke!

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