Lasting Values of Torke Coffee

So many happy moments in our lives are tied to coffee: Saturday mornings with family, baking cookies at Grandma’s house, the stillness around a crackling fireplace in the dead of winter. Day after day, year after year, you have brewed the same reliable coffee: Torke Coffee. Have you ever thought about the origins, quality, or longevity of the coffee you drink? Now is your chance. 

Eighty years have passed since Torke Coffee’s roots were planted in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, by our founder Elwood Torke and his father, Adolph. Since then, the legacy has continued through his son, Ward, and grandchildren, Jay and Lynda, the current President and Senior Vice President of the family-run company. Learn more about our company’s history here.

As we reflect on Torke Coffee’s development and growth, we also acknowledge the recurring values that make us, us. Many characteristics have defined Torke Coffee through four generations of coffee roasters and will continue to remain at the core of our company’s mission.


“The sweetness of low price is soon forgotten after the bitterness of poor quality,” shares Ward Torke, highlighting the most crucial factor in our company’s growth: producing excellent coffee.

Though aspects of our company have evolved throughout the past several generations, we continue to offer the same quality coffee to families and businesses as years ago. This has helped us grow a fantastic community of customers loyal to our brand and beans.

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Jay Torke, Torke Coffee’s current President, shares that the company’s top priority is to “ensure our customers have the best coffee experience possible.”

We strive to make each customer’s experience with our coffee seamless, from opening our packaging to the brewing process and easy storage. By building lasting impressions of our brand, we hope to entice our customers to shop our collections again in the future.

Torke Coffee has always valued the small but impressionable details that help make a positive customer experience. Lynda Torke, Torke Coffee’s current Senior Vice President, states, “We value our customers and the relationships we have built… we try to do everything we can to patronize our customers.”

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“I value most about Torke Coffee all of the stakeholders involved. From our suppliers to our customers to our own team members,” shares Jay.

It is nearly impossible for a business to prosper without a fantastic, dedicated team. Over the years, something important to Torke Coffee has been growing relationships with our employees and making them feel like family.

The Torke Coffee family extends beyond those with the last name of ‘Torke.’ Our employees are part of our family and have helped us grow to what we are today.

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Giving Back

Torke Coffee has developed a reputation as one of the most philanthropic corporations in our local community. We have served the Sheboygan community since our foundation in 1941 and strongly value our roots. We are proud of the relationships we have built and the communities we serve.

“We want to give back to the community that has been so good to us and supported us,” shares Lynda, “we started in Sheboygan; we have always been in Sheboygan.” 

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We could not make it to where we are today without the support of our customers! Join us in celebrating 80 years and shop your favorite Torke Coffee roasts!

Every Cup Gives

Join our family in giving back by shopping Torke Coffee. 

Our mission is to give back to the people and communities who support us. By buying Torke Coffee, you give back with us, and together - We're there.

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