The Origin of Weeden Creek: From Jelly to Coffee

At Torke Coffee, our products have notable traits that make them unique, like their flavor, brewing process, and classic taste. In the case of our Weeden Creek line, this trait is its purpose. Under the Torke Coffee brand, Weeden Creek focuses on producing organic and fair-trade coffee ethically sourced from small, family-owned farms and co-ops. But how did it come to be? We interviewed our President, Jay Torke, and are happy to share Weeden Creek's origin story with you.

In 2000, Jay moved back to Sheboygan and found his new home in an apartment on Weeden Creek Road. As a young entrepreneur, he saw the need for a new line of packaged jellies – primarily for local restaurants – that could compete with large brand-name producers. In 2007, he founded the company and named his new endeavor 'Weeden Creek Farms' as a nod to his local Sheboygan roots. Ultimately, it was difficult to be competitive in this market because the cost was too high compared to the competition; so, the business transitioned from jelly to coffee in 2008, and in 2018 Weeden Creek Farms became Weeden Creek Roasters.

As the Torke family’s coffee business was already strong, it was essential to differentiate the new Weeden Creek brand from Torke Coffee. Originally designed primarily for food service, Weeden Creek was a brand that large companies flocked to as the need for sustainability proved critical in many aspects of businesses. The demand for an organic, fair-trade coffee became apparent, and Weeden Creek found its niche.

Weeden Creek coffee was initially roasted in small 5-pound batches at a time. Today, it is roasted in 50-pound batches and distributed to consumers nationwide. Our partnerships have expanded to family-owned farms and co-ops in Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, and beyond, with inspiring production stories at each location.

Explore our Weeden Creek line and taste the unique characteristics of our organic, fair-trade coffees.

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