Torke Customer Feature: The Coffee Pot in Kenosha, WI

Photo of The Coffee Pot in Kenosha,WI. Photo Credit:

With a name like “The Coffee Pot,” you know an establishment has to have an incredible cup of coffee. A local staple since 1930 when it first opened as a classic American diner, The Coffee Pot in Kenosha has evolved into a favorite of both locals and tourists alike. In 2004, when high school friends Janis Barnhill and Julie Zorn took over The Coffee Pot, Torke Coffee became a key part of The Coffee Pot experience.


“We have many regulars who come to The Coffee Pot because we have a good cup of coffee.” said co-owner Janis Barnhill. “We began using Torke right from the start, but that was no mistake. We taste-tested many coffees- -and I mean A LOT of coffees! We really loved the Torke Colombian; it’s not a wimpy coffee, has a good hearty flavor, not bitter; our customers notice too.”


What started as a 45-seat diner has expanded to include whimsical patio seating, an expanded dining room dubbed “The Kenosha Room” that features a photographic museum of the town, and a popular vacation rental named The Coffee Pot Inn.


Barnhill said working with Torke has played a significant role in the success of their business. “Working with Torke has been a breeze, from deliveries to service we have never had a glitch. It has been great to work with Torke staff. Most have been with Torke (and us) for many years. Kerry, our ‘coffee guy,’ is always a breath of fresh air and is accurate with knowing our restocking needs. It’s great to see Tony once in a while when we need a little repair or new equipment.”


Superior product and excellent service from a family-owned business are among the reasons Barnhill said she would recommend “any business new or old to explore what Torke has to offer.”


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