Torke’s Holiday Flavors Are Back

The weather is starting to turn, and the holidays are approaching. Coffee lovers are craving those warm, nutty, spicy flavors associated with fall and winter. Though you enjoy your coffee every day throughout the year, something about those holiday flavors tastes just right as the year ends.

At Torke Family Coffee Roasters, creating reputable, reliable coffee is always our priority — no matter the season. However, we get just as excited for fall and winter flavors as our customers do. That’s why we’re excited to present our Torke Coffee holiday flavors, which are back for a limited time. 

Quality Products with a Seasonal Twist

Torke Coffee’s holiday coffee roasts will give you all the autumn and winter vibes you’re looking for, not to mention that caffeine boost and rich taste you enjoy all year round. Let’s take a closer look at our holiday blends so you can know exactly what to expect when your next bag of Torke’s arrives.

Holiday Java

Torke’s Holiday Java coffee is the feeling of the holidays all wrapped up into one festive package. As soon as you see Holiday Java on the shelf in-store or delivered to your doorstep, you’ll know the holiday season has arrived.

This medium-light blend features all the popular seasonal tastes you could want, including cinnamon and toasted hazelnut, with minimal acidity and a smooth finish. A rich and creamy blend like Holiday Java tends to be best served hot, but it can also be prepared iced, depending on your preference. 

Hearth Blend

The Hearth Blend from Torke Coffee encapsulates fall and winter flavors while still including a wide variety of undertones. This blend is sourced from Colombia, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, and you can taste its variability and uniqueness from the first sip. 

The Hearth Blend is a dark roast with a medium-heavy body and low acidity, which amounts to a smooth, deep flavor and mouthfeel. You’ll taste little bits of sweetness in the blend’s chocolate and cherry notes while also enjoying rich hints of walnut. 

Torke Coffee: Your Trusted Brand for Holiday Joy

The holiday season is about spending time with loved ones, savoring your favorite foods and drinks, and making memories to last a lifetime. Let Torke Coffee be a part of your holiday routine by trying out our Holiday Java and Hearth Blend this season. 


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