Bring on the Chill: Tundra Cold Brew

Cold brew is not solely reserved for warm months – it's delicious and easy to make year-round! However, as we transition from winter into spring and spring into summer, a cold brew coffee's chilling, refreshing flavor is almost a necessary addition to a coffee lovers' day.

The process to brew cold brew requires a bit of time between finding the proper roast with ideal flavor profiles, grinding your beans, and executing the brewing process. To help simplify, we've provided the solution to solve all your cold brew worries: our Tundra Cold Brew packs.

Tundra Cold Brew packs allow anyone to make ultra-smooth cold-brewed coffee fresh at home. The 100% Arabica specialty ground cold brew packs soak overnight in water and can be easily disposed of or composted the next day. No grounds, no mess, no problem!

Here’s how to brew:

  1. Drop three cold brew packs into a 2 quart or larger container and add 2 quarts of cold filtered water
  2. Steep coffee in the refrigerator for 18 to 26 hours or to your desired strength
  3. Carefully remove cold brew packs from the container and discard or compost
  4. Serve in a tall glass filled with ice or mix with equal parts milk. Makes two pitchers.

There you have it – the perfect glass of cold brew coffee, ready to enjoy! Unlike iced coffee, cold brews typically have a smoother finish, less acidity, and higher caffeine content.

Not sure if you prefer cold brew or iced coffee? Learn the difference here, and let your palate decide.

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