5 St. Patrick's Day Coffee Ideas From Torke Family Coffee Roasters

Whether you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or not, why not take advantage of this festive holiday and bring a little luck of the Irish to your coffee routine?

With Torke Family Coffee Roasters, you can trust that our dedicated team will provide reliable, delicious products. We also like to have a little fun using our tasty Torke Coffee to celebrate with special holiday-inspired drinks. Here are five simple ideas for coffee-based drinks with a St. Patty’s Day twist.

1. Mint Mocha
St. Patrick’s Day makes anyone crave all things green, so we enjoy a mint mocha this time of year. Inspired by the classic peppermint mocha of the holiday season, this decadent drink combines hot Torke coffee with some creamer of your choice and a pump or two each of chocolate and mint syrup. Garnish with a mint leaf for a pop of green!

2. Irish Cream Coffee
Irish cream is characterized by its nutty vanilla goodness. Try some Irish cream-flavored creamer in our Classic gourmet roast to enjoy the sweetness and add some pep to your day — it tastes great hot or iced!

3. Coffee-infused Shamrock Ice Blended
If you enjoy a certain green milkshake from a certain fast food joint every March, try making your own at home with some added caffeine. You only need classic milkshake makings, mint flavoring, green food coloring, and your favorite Torke Coffee blend over ice.

4. Irish Coffee
No list of St. Patty’s Day coffee drinks is complete without Irish coffee, the classic combination of whiskey and Torke coffee. While you shouldn’t try this option for your morning coffee, it’s great for a festive evening pick-me-up. Sweeten it with some creamer or Baileys, and enjoy it responsibly!

5. Cinnamon Latte
Something about a slightly spiced cinnamon coffee feels right on St. Patrick’s Day. Combine a freshly brewed cup of our Cinnamon Hazelnut blend with some sweet cinnamon syrup, creamer, or milk and a shake of cinnamon and nutmeg on top. It will provide a nutty, spicy contrast to the other sweet treats you’ll enjoy this holiday.

Spice Up Your St. Patrick’s Day With Trusted Quality Products From Torke Coffee

No matter what special coffee concoction you try on St. Patrick’s Day, make sure you start it with Torke Coffee as your base. Order your next bag today!

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