Supporting Mental Health America Lakeshore

We are proud to announce the newest recipient of our Every Cup Gives initiative, Mental Health America (MHA) Lakeshore. Please help us support their vision of mentally healthy communities where all individuals can thrive!

MHA Lakeshore has served our community since 1953 as a mental health resource center. Its mission is to “promote overall mental health through education, support, public health reform, and advocacy.” As a subsidiary of Mental Health America, MHA Lakeshore can provide the most up-to-date knowledge and resources from across the country while connecting community members with the best local support.

Mental Health America fundraiser gathering

MHA Lakeshore works to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and acknowledges that promoting mental wellness is needed now more than ever. Through their ‘Support Not Stigma’ pledge campaign, ambassador programs, and resource offerings, MHA Lakeshore provides education, support, and advocacy to improve mental health for all community members. 

Mental Health America outdoor signage

Visit MHA Lakeshore’s website to utilize their resource center, get involved in a support group, or educate yourself on the importance of mental wellness. Shop our Classic Collection and do your part in giving back! Together, we can support Mental Health America Lakeshore’s charitable cause and help those in need in our community. Learn more about our Every Cup Gives initiative today!

Every Cup Gives

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