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Together We Make A Difference

When you buy Torke Coffee, you give back with us.

Since our family first started Torke Family Coffee Roasters in 1941, giving back to the people and communities who support us has always been an integral part of who we are as a family run business. As our business has grown, so has our giving.

Our success is the community's success.

Our success has become the community’s success as we invest back in to the people we serve. Providing great service is a core value of our business, and we take it very personally, which means we get to know our customers and learn about the causes and charities that are close to their hearts and impacting their communities. Those causes become our causes and we passionately pursue giving back to them.

Giving Back to Mental Health America Lakeshore

Supporting our community.

Torke Family Coffee Roasters is proud to name Mental Health America Lakeshore as our current charity of choice to help promote overall mental health and wellness in our community.

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Mental Health America Lakeshore’s Mission:

To promote overall mental health through education, support,
public health reform, and advocacy.

Making an Impact in Our Community

Reducing the stigma & supporting mental wellness.

Through their ‘Support Not Stigma’ pledge campaign, ambassador programs, and resource offerings, MHA Lakeshore provides education, support, and advocacy to improve mental health for all community members.

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At Torke Coffee, we are dedicated to giving back to those in need through our Every Cup Gives initiative. Shop our favorites from the Classic Collection to support the initiative today!

Learn more about Mental Health America Lakeshore!

Every Cup Gives

The Every Cup Gives initiative is a program launched by the Torke family to support local and national organizations through in-kind donations.

Torke Coffee is dedicated to supporting Mental Health America Lakeshore as their charity of choice with a minimum donation of $500.