A Torke Expert's Guide to Roast Types

You're in the coffee aisle at your local grocery store, and many different coffee roasts are staring back at you. Light, medium, light-medium, dark, medium-dark–how can you possibly know which to choose? We've all been there. But you're in luck; we've compiled a guide to explain each roast type to ensure you come home with exactly what you're looking for on your next coffee run.

The taste of each coffee is determined by the bean and the roasting process that brings out the aroma and flavor that are locked inside the originally green coffee bean. The longer a bean roasts, the darker it becomes and the less caffeine and acidity it contains.


If you are a coffee drinker who doesn't prefer strong coffee, a light roast is perfect for you. Roasted the least amount and the lightest in color, this roast produces a smooth, mild cup of coffee with fragrant, fruity notes. These beans are not oily on the surface because they are not roasted long enough for their oils to break through. You can expect more acidity and caffeine content and less aroma from a light roast brew. A fan-favorite Torke Coffee light roast is our Breakfast Blend, among other organic and decaf options.


Light-medium roasts are light brown in color and mild to medium-bodied with a medium acidity. Like light roasts, you can find hints of citrus and berry, but also richer flavors like dark wine and jam, ending with a sweet finish. Our organic Weeden Creek line features three light medium roasts–La Barista, Guatemala, and Peru–that offer unique flavor profiles and are excellent bases for espresso as well as drip brew coffee.


A medium roast is typically medium brown and has a nice balance of acidity, flavor, and aroma. Though it is a bit stronger in flavor than light and light-medium roasts, it is versatile and enjoyed by most coffee lovers, especially those in the US. Nutty and chocolatey notes make medium roasts especially delectable. One of our most popular flavored coffees, Highlander Grogg, is–you guessed it–a medium roast that features flavors of caramel, butterscotch, and vanilla whiskey. Explore all Torke Coffee medium roast blends here.


A dark brown bean with a bit of oil on the surface is classified as a medium-dark roast. Bold in body and rich in flavor, medium-dark roasts typically have a decreased acidity, thicker consistency, and deeper aroma than a medium roast. You may recognize familiar flavors of dark chocolate or toasted almonds in this bold roast with a slight bittersweet aftertaste. Our organic Weeden Creek line features three rich, full-bodied medium-dark roasts–Cliffhanger, Black & Tan, and Sumatra–all with a variety of smooth and rich flavors.


A roast type for those who appreciate the organic, rich flavor of coffee is a dark roast. Roasted the longest, dark-roasted beans are very dark brown or even black with a pronounced bitterness. The long roast brings out the oils of the bean, producing a strong, extra bold body. Our Classic Italian blend is likely the most famous among our many dark roasts with a robust flavor, perfect for crafting a shot of espresso.

There you have it–the most commonly recognized coffee roasts. Determining your preferred flavor profiles, caffeine content, and acidity in a mug of coffee is the first step in finding your favorite roast. You are now ready to pick up a bag of beans at the grocery store or order online with confidence.

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