Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

The holidays are quickly approaching, meaning it’s high time to decide what you’re putting under the tree. But if your loved ones enjoy coffee in the morning, gift-giving will be simple this year. From modern brewing equipment to holiday-flavored beans, we’ve got a few great gift ideas that will make any coffee lover smile.


Specialty Beans

Let’s start with the obvious. There’s no better gift for a coffee lover than coffee. Anyone who appreciates a fresh cup of java in the morning will love a bag of specialty beans to savor. A coffee purist will appreciate the nuances of a single-origin coffee like this Ethiopian medium roast or this Nicaraguan dark. Both are organic and fair trade, so your gift supports ethical and sustainable farming practices. If your loved one appreciates extra holiday cheer and dark and complex flavors in their brew, introduce them to Torke’s Holiday Hearth Blend. Or stuff a bag of the Holiday Java in their stocking for a silky smooth cup with just a hint of cinnamon and hazelnut. With a gift of coffee beans, you’re ticking an item off their grocery list and pampering them with the quality they might not always get for themselves.

Up Their Brew Game

Coffee is both an art and a science. While a simple coffee maker might be enough for some, you can up your brew game with some new equipment. From espresso machines to thermo-regulated mugs, the coffee lover in your life will adore a new piece of brewing equipment. Some of our favorite ideas include:


● A burr grinder: Compared to a blade grinder, a burr mill gives your better consistency and quality of grounds. It’s the perfect gift for the true coffee geek in your life.

● Brewing equipment: French presses, stovetop espresso, pour over… there are so many ways to get your java on. Learn more about each method here.

● Mugs: A mug is a gift everyone will love. You can personalize it for someone you share inside jokes with or get a thermos for your friends who are always rushing out the door. Have a sister who is getting into espresso? Get her a set of tiny cups to sip from!


Gifts that Give Back 

The holidays are a time to show your loved ones how much you care. At Torke Family Coffee Roasters, we believe caring for your friends and family can also mean giving back to your community. That’s why we give back a portion of our sales to a local charity with our Every Cup Gives initiative. Select a product from our classic collection this holiday season; a portion of the sales will benefit Mental Health America Lakeshore!

The perfect gift shows your loved one how well you know them. For someone who enjoys a morning brew, each of these coffee-related gifts strikes the delicate balance of a present that’s special and practical. Now all that’s left for your to do is sit back with a mug of your favorite Torke Coffee blend and watch your loved ones unwrap their gifts.

Every Cup Gives

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